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House Lighting Loan


It is a loan to finance home lighting bysolar lighting system provided to employees of entities that are contracting with the bank to pay the salaries of their employees.

Service Features:

  • The value of the loan ranges from YER 100,000 to YER 500,000 according to the client's income.
  • Loan period is not exceeding 12 months, payable in equal installments.
  • Currency of financing is Yemeni Rial.
  • Low and convenient interest rates i.e. 12%.

Terms and Documents Required to Obtain the Service:

  • The customer has a current account in the bank.
  • Providing the original personal identity (valid electronic ID card or passport).
  • The customer's salary must be regular during the last 3 months and prior to the date of grant.
  • The existence of a banking services agreement, lending or financing agreement with the employer.
  • Guarantee of two colleagues from the same workplace.
  • An official letter from the customer's employer confirming approval of the loan.
  • Filling in the application form (loan file), promissory receipt and debt bond by visiting the nearest branch or office of the bank.


No, the customer can choose the shop and product that suits him.

Yes, it is deposited into the customer's account and can be withdrawn at any time and from any branch or office of the bank.

The maximum amount can be obtained is YER 500 thousand and the lowest amount is 100 thousand.

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