Transfer Money by your Mobile.

Speed Mobily Service


Speed Mobily service is one of CAC Mobily packages provided by Speed for money transfers which enables the customer to send money from his account to any person without the need for a bank account for the beneficiary. The transfer can be received by beneficiary in cash at the same time from any Speed point of service (Branch - office - subagent) spread throughout Yemen.

Service Features:

  • Competitive and very low commission rates.
  • Fast and easy to send/receive transfers from any point of service (branch - office - agent) spread throughout Yemen.
  • A wide network of branches, offices and subagents covering the whole country.
  • The risk is reduced, as the sender of transfer is our client he can execute the transfer from his account.
  • Sending an SMS message notifying the customer with the sequence number of transfer.

Terms and Documents required to Send/Recieve a Transfer:

  • The customer must have an account with CAC Bank.
  • The customer has to activate the CAC Mobily service based on the terms set out for the service of CAC Mobily.
  • The customer has to download the CAC Mobily application into his mobile phone through the following links:

For Android system through the following link:

For iPhone system through the following link:

To send a Transfer:

  • The customer should have a credit balance in his account to be able to transfer.
  • The customer must have a cell phone works on Android IOS systems.
  • The customer must install the application of CAC Mobily on his smartphone.
  • The customer can do his transfer process through the application, after filling all the required fields.

To receive a Transfer:

  • Visiting the nearest branch or office of CAC Bank, or one of the subagents contracted with the bank.
  • Filling in the application form to receive the transfer and mentioning transfer number, beneficiary’s name, the country of transfer, the amount transferred and sender’s name.
  • Signing in the application form and providing a valid original personal ID.
  • Signing in the receipt note of transfer and recounting money before departure.
  • The receiver age must be bigger than 18 years old.


From any point of service (branch - office - subagent)

No, the commissions are segmented into batches and updated periodically according to the needs of the market of remittances.

Currently you can’t, the transfers are suspended in SAR & USD.

You  can’t cancel the transfer  through the application; you should visit the nearest branch or office of CAC bank and apply for an amendment or cancelation.

You  can’t do that, you  should visit the nearest branch or office of CAC Bank and apply for the required amendment.

There is no problem, but our system automatically suspends old remittances that passed 40 days since the transfer date and not received.

you can’t do that for precautionary purposes, you have to visit the nearest branch or office and ask for unblock.

You can find them on our bank's website

Also, you can contact us on the following numbers: 01538901/ 01538903 /  01538920 to find out the nearest agent

Yes, you can make transfers by the application at any time 24 hours a day, because the system is fixed automatically to execute payments at any time.

You can’t transfer from Yemen to outside via speed Mobily service.

Yes, he can transfer from his account to you in condition your father is using a cell phone working on Android system.

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