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Ria Money transfer


Ria company is one of the personal remittance services provide by CAC Bank to its customers; it is the third largest money transfer network around the world and is characterized by its low commission and presence in most countries. CAC bank is considered the sole authorized agent in the Republic of Yemen for Ria company.

The company is located in more than 144 countries and has a network of about 314,000 service points around the world and spread in the countries like the United States of America, European Union and East Asian, Middle East and African continent.

Service Features:

  • Fast execution of transfers.
  • Spread worldwide.
  • Multiple options to send and receive a transfer.
  • Low commissions and special exchange rates compared to other companies.
  • Multiple options to receive your transfer (cash - to a bank account).
  • You can execute your transfers via the company's website- available only in America.
  • You can execute the transfer by debiting your bank account - available only in America.
  • You can execute the transfer by debiting your debit or credit cards – available only in America.

Terms and Documents required to Send/Receive a Transfer:

To send a Transfer:

  • Service is available for receive only, will inform you when sending is available.

To receive a Transfer:

  • Visiting the nearest branch, office or approved subagents of thebank.
  • Filling in the application for receiving the transfer and write the transfer number, the name of the beneficiary, the country of transfer, the amount transferred and the name of the sender.
  • Signing in the application form and providing the original and valid personal identity.
  • Sign the receipt note of receiving the transfer and count the money before departure.


Currently, you can receive the transfer from any branch or office of the bank, and we will be activated for speed agents soon.

Yes, you can transfer to any account at CAC bank.


Yes, you can receive your transfers in all currencies (YER - USD - SAR).

Currently unavailable, this service will be added soon.

Soon it will be awarded to agents wishing to participate in the Ria service.

Currently $500 per day at a rate of two transfers per month.

You can find the points of service of Rai company and the countries where the company is located in by visiting the company's website.

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