Launching “My Salary in Advance” Product with new Banking Advantages

Launching “My Salary in Advance” Product with new Banking Advantages

7/9/2013 12:00:00 AM


Cooperative & Agricultural Credit Bank (CAC Bank) launched yesterday a new product “My Salary in Advance” which is a modern banking service with high sophisticated advantages; an additional product to the existing services and products. During the inauguration ceremony Mr. Monasser Al-Quaiti- Chairman of CAC Bank stated the finest quality of CAC Bank’s products in general and particularly the product of “My Salary in Advance” asserting that the bank has achieved and still is progressing in many banking aspects, as well as the bank has an ambitious plan to achieve more in the framework of its development projects.

Moreover, Mr. Mohammed Abdulkareem Al-Mansoub – Deputy CEO for Banking Development Sector explained the benefits of the product that will be obtained by the employees of the entities receiving their salaries through the bank, and pointing out to the importance in meeting the needs of retail customers especially those who receive their salaries through the bank. 

While Mr. Nasser Al-Moraqab - Deputy CEO for Retail Banking revealed to the importance of this new launched product “My Salary in Advance” which possessing good advantages to its users. Mr. Naser signified the financial indicators of CAC Bank and the growth rates which exceeded expectations.

The ceremony was attended by Deputies and Assistants of CEO, directors of departments and a number of employees.