CAC Bank Launched the Project of Issuing UnionPay International Cards

CAC Bank Launched the Project of Issuing UnionPay International Cards

11/16/2015 12:00:00 AM



Within its endeavor framework of achieving success and development, CAC Bank launched the project of issuing UnionPay international cards.

During the inauguration ceremony Mr. Salah Sadeq Basha – CEO of CAC Bank affirmed that the bank had achieved the preservation of its customer’s base and continued to offer the banking services in additional to launching new services notwithstanding the current circumstances the country is experiencing which brought in the bank an outstanding banking anticipation. These new services included the service of UnionPay International cards issuance which enables clients to execute their withdrawal process through worldwide network of UnionPay Company. The CEO added that CAC Bank is considered to be the first and sole partner in Yemen to UnionPay by means of offering and facilitating monetary operations and balance inquiries to any type of cards issued by our branches around the country.

Furthermore, Mr. Salah Basha pointed out that the bank is a main member of UnionPay in possessing the cards of UnionPay which is one of the world’s largest credit networks and the most growing among international cards providers whereby approximately 4 billion customers are using its cards. Mr. Salah assured of the bank continuation to offer services and activities that meets up the needs and requirements of the wide network base of customers internally and externally plus the role of the bank in stability of the local currency exchange rate in cooperation with the Central Bank of Yemen.   

Subsequently the CEO praised the efforts of the work teams and all staff of the CAC Bank in all departments and disciplines as well as the customers who were the main factors of successes achieved by the bank.

Moreover, Mr. Dhaker Al-Samee – Director of Cards Center revealed to the launch of new banking service that will serve a big wide-range of customers internally and externally, and indicated that the service is offering various facilities whereby UnionPay cards are regarded as a smart cards designed with a high sophisticated international technology that enable customers to shop in a huge network of point of sales distributed around the world as well as executing cash withdrawal in almost 150 countries. Mr. Dhaker added that UnionPay cards distinct in its easy use, variety of currencies, minimum costs and international recognition, and declared that this new banking service is an addition to the Yemeni market that will enhance the pioneering of CAC Bank among the Yemeni banking sector and the competitive advantage as well as our aspiration to work overseas.

Finally, the work teams from all relevant departments that implemented the project were honored in appreciation to their efforts.