Yes, you can use you VISA card to buy from internet.

No, you can’t link your visa card to your saving account.

Yes, you can withdraw with any currency according to the policy of the country you are located in.

You should inform the bank about the holding amount immediately through contacting us on phone number: 009678003033 or landline: 009671250009Ext: 444 or send a letter to customer services through fax number: 009671232941.

According to the current circumstances, the commissions applied to withdrawal via Visa Cards is 30%,due to the differencein ex-ratescompared with the official rate.

Yes, there is an issuing fee for YER 1,000 that should be paid one time and withdrawal charges applied from visa company, and there are no more other fees or expenses.

The cash collateral percentage to obtain aVisa Credit Card (Classic or Golden) is currently between 100 % - 120 % according to customers’ account transactions.

Yes, there is a daily limit for purchasing through Visa Cards. which vary from customer to another, depending on the customers’capabilities and his transactions; you can raise the limit by visiting any of CAC Bank branches.

Yes, Visa Net is being used to buy from internet only, while other Visa Cards are being used for cash withdrawal as well as to buy from the internet, and any POS.