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Private Banking Package VIP


In order to achieve your ambitions and boost your journey towards desired success, our major VIP customers are welcomed to join and access our “Private Banking” package, where we are enthusing to serve you at whatever time, and to offer the best global standardized banking solutions and innovative investment products.

We value the relationship with our VIP customers and consider it as a unique partnership which makes us cherish and proud. Relations always motivate us to intensively improve the level of offered services, in a manner that simulates your aspirations and in line with your wishes.

Package Contents:

  • Assigning a relationship officer atour branches to facilitate all your banking needs, quickly and efficiently.
  • Providing wealth management and investment services (stock dealing, bonds and Islamic instruments).
  • Providing financial & administrative advisory services through our experts.
  • Providing packages of tourist and hotel services.
  • Providing range of insurance services such as (healthcare, life insurance, car rentals, properties, health-tourism and others).
  • Opening current/savings/deposit accounts with private benefits.
  • Granting Mobile Banking service (CAC Mobily).
  • Granting Several Card types, Visa/UnionPay/American Express.
  • Activating E-banking service.
  • Activating CAC Online service.
  • Activating Speed Mobily for Remittances service.

Package Features:

  • We offer you distinctive banking services.
  • We value and treat our customer with highest respect, kind attention and consider him as a strategic partner.
  • We strive to design comprehensive financial, investment and consulting services that extend privacy and meet client’s needs.
  • We offer solutions that are tailored to customer’s personal needs and beyond expectations.

Terms and documents Required to obtain the service:

Please contact our Private Banking Division on (01250009 ext. 810) or visit your nearest branch.


Our Perspectives:

Private VIP suites in some branches

The place where you feel at home. We in CAC Bank believe that the main priority is to meet our customer needs, so to better and exclusively serve our most important clients and VIPs,we are currently aiming to initiate private VIP lounges in some branches to insure that customer gets their desired banking services appropriately.

At CAC Bank, we are targeting selective senior customers to work with, by assigning a qualified customer service officer to process banking needs by providing unique services aimed to building a long-term business relationship and facilitating all banking services in an efficient manner.

Your time is also valuable to us; through this service we continually strive to give the highest priority to your banking needs, so you can feel free to spend your time achieving other goals in your life. Also, in order to ensure the relaxation of our important customers, we have allocated comfortable lounges in our branches; while you are sitting comfortably your relationship officer will accomplish all your banking needs through:

  • Ensure immediate service.
  • Ensure quick accomplishments of your orders and loans.
  • Answer telephone inquiries of VIP customers by our call center at (01250009 ext. 810).
  • Ensure receiving uninterrupted banking services through SMS.

We have developed exclusive range of banking packages and special products to meet your banking needs whereas you can gain the following benefits:

  • Customized VIP comfortable lounges in some branches with a dedicated customer service officer engaged in serving VIP customers.
  • Competitive interest rates on deposits and savings.
  • Obtaining a free Visa Credit Card and other supplementaryCards to family members as well as priority pass membership to enjoy precedence of entry to VIP lounges around the world.
  • Obtaining a free check book and a free Visa Electron card.
  • Competitive charges on local and international remittances.
  • Dedicated VIP banking services through the call center at (01250009 Ext. 810).
  • Online banking services through E-banking.


Private banking represents a high quality service that exceeds the conventional services of deposits and loans, whereby we offer excellent personal support to our customers at a certain level of wealth.


CAC Bank’s wealth management can help you identify what is important to you, help you achieving your great ambitions and arranging a safe future for your family by allowing you to seize the opportunity of benefiting from various products and services offered by the bank.

CAC Bank considers all its customers as important and VIP customers, but a range of private banking services are specially offered to customers at a certain level of wealth. For further inquiries, please visit us.

For any inquiries about private banking services at CAC Bank, please contact us on the following numbers:

Tel: 01250009 ext. 810

Fax: 01538810


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