The China's International Union pay network (UPI) is a pioneering network in the field of payments and banking solutions, owning the widest network in the world especially in East Asia. CAC Bank is considered the first bank in Yemen issuing and accepting Union Pay cards.

Yes, and in addition, Union Pay cards has also lower commissions compared to other international cards.




 Yes, but currently the service is not active yet and will be activated soon.

Yes, you can link your UnionPay card to your current or saving account.

Yes, you can withdraw with any currency, according to the policy of the country and the bank in which the client is withdrawing from.

The customer must notify the bank immediately about the blocked transaction by calling: 009678003033

Or Directly on: 009671250009 Ext. 444

Or send a signed letter to customer service by fax: 009671232941


According to the current circumstances, the commissions applied to withdrawal via UnionPay Cards is 30%, due to the difference in ex-rates compared with the official rate.

The cash collateral percentage to obtain a UnionPay Credit Card is currently between 100 % - 120 % according to customers’ account transactions.

Yes, there is a daily limit for purchasing through UnionPay Cards which vary from customer to another, depending on the customers’ capabilities and his transactions; you can raise the limit by visiting any of CAC Bank branches.