Yes, you can open the Saving account (Aman) only in YER, USD, SAR, & EUR currencies.

Yes, Interests applied monthly (the minimal balance during the month) and deposits to your account every half year at the end of June & December.

The minimum opening balance to open a saving account is YER 5,000 or equivalent in any other currencies.

Yes, you can transfer from your current account to your Saving account (Aman) or the opposite through our permanent customer service or through CAC Mobliy service.

Yes, you can use your Saving account (Aman) to pay your liabilities and bills (electricity– phone number and landline – water- internet) through CAC Mobily service.

You can review your balances on the Saving account (Aman) through CAC Mobily & CAC online services.

Yes, you can use ATM service to facilitate executing different banking transactions.