:The most important features in update version 4.0.9 are

  1. Adding immidaiate topup for SabaPhone users.
  2. Adding partial ADSL payment.
  3. Adding a reminder option to remind clients of thier ADSL subscription.
  4. Adding internet packages payment for YemenMobile customers including (Barq net, Alsaree net...etc.).
  5. Adding the feature of importing numbers from your contact list.
  6. Adding immidaite topup for beside scratching cards for MTN customers.

This feature was dedicated to ADSL subscirbers as it sends you an SMS that reminds you to renew your subscription. You can also remind someone esle whom you renwed his subscription.

When you renew your subscription using the new version of CAC Mobily, you can select this feature to remind your self or anyone else.

You can print any payment receipt for any transaction done by CAC Mobily, using the reference number which you will receive to your mobile after the transaction, click here and put the reference number.

You can send us a message through our website, or Facebook page, or call us on: 01538973, or 01250009 Ext 491, or through email: cacmobily@cacbank.com.ye

Anyone maintaining an account with CAC bank.


You can visit any CAC bank branch to activate the service; you will receive the 4-digit secret code. You can then insert it in the specified area and the application will be activated.


Through CAC Mobily you get benefit of the below services:

  • Paying Phone bills (mobile + landline) for you or any other number, with getting the line automatically re-connected.
  • Paying ADSL for you or any other number. You can pay full fees to partially starting from 600 YR.
  • Sending money from your account to anther account you maintain, or to any other account within Cac Bank.
  • Speed Mobily service, which allows you send cash money to anyone even if he doesn’t have an account, using the option (bank to cash).
  • Recharge and transfer units to prepaid YemenMobile subscribers.
  • Quick Charge for MTN, Saba Phone and Y subscribers.
  • Pay Net Packages for YemenMobile subscribers.
  • Pay Mazaya packages for YemenMobile subscribers.
  • Receive SMS notifications of any transactions done on your accounts.
  • Balance sheet inquires to be sent to any email you specify.
  • Get exchange rate reports.
  • Pay your Water bills.
  • Pay your Electricity bills.


After activating the service through any branch, you will receive an SMS with a 4 –digit secret code. Just insert the password number in the specified place to activate the app. Or you can use the code to do transactions through SMS (as per the manual).

Yes, CAC Mobily was built on an enhanced and secured encryption system, no one can look at any information except the customer himself.

You should visit any CAC bank branchor offices informing them to block the service.

No, there are no charges for using CAC Mobily, but there is a monthly subscription feeof 100 YER,which will be automatically debited from your account at the end of each month.

Yes,you can use CAC Mobily without having creditsbut for iphone only, as it works via wifi.

Customers using iphone should be connected to the internet in order to use CAC Mobily. Android app works through SMS therefore; internet connection is not required, but you should have credits in your mobile

There are many reasons that CAC Mobily is not working with customers using Android:

  • Maybe you don’t have credits, as the application works only through SMS therefore; you should have credits in your phone (units).
  • Maybe the application is not authorized to use SMS, therefore, the customer should do the following steps: go to settings; select applications manager; select CAC Mobily application; in the middle of the screen you will see that the authorization of not using SMS is selected &active; select & press the available button and make it always allow.
  • First timeyou activate CAC Mobily, credits must be available in your phone and should be connected to the internet.
  • Maybe you are using a two SIM phone; therefore, you must disable oneSIM in order to activate the application, after activation, you can run & use the other SIM.


 For Customers using iphone:

  • CAC Mobily application works through internet only.
  • You can get the activation code while connected to the internet.


You should repay the correct numberand the correct amount in order to ask for refund of wrong payments, then you should visit a CAC bank branch or office and notifying them with this mistake within 3 days of the transaction.

If the transaction is from your saving account, you cannot do any transactions from 7 pm to 11 pm, because it is the time ofclosing operations and calculate interests.So when you request for statement it appears blank.

The customer should be careful to preserve his CAC Mobily password that was sent to his phone number when he subscribed. In case you forgot the password, you can visit any CAC Bank branch or office and apply to resend your password.

Yes, you can add all your accounts and manage them through CAC Mobily.

Bill payments service is available only using one account to debit all bills payments transactions (the account linked first time when subscribing), while all other CAC Mobily services are available to all your accounts.

Yes, you can add more than one phone number to CAC Mobily with the same account number. To add or delete any phone number please visit anyof CAC bank branches or offices to fill in the application form.

No you cannot, your SIM which was activated to CAC Mobily must exist in the same smartphone that CAC Mobily application installed on.

All Service Providers in Yemen can used to run CAC Mobily application. When you download the application; please select 'Service Provider' from the list that appears to you; then select your SIM provider and activate CAC Mobily service.

From any YemenMobile phone, please send an SMS with the letter H to the number 2022.

For other carriers, please get in touch with us through phone on: 01538973 or 01250009 Ext 491, or through email: cacmobily@cacbank.com.ye