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Personal Loan


If you are looking for a loan to pay off your liabilities,reconstruct your house, financing your small enterprise, facing emergency expenses, or enjoying a foreign trip, we at CAC Bank can facilitate your all your needs.

Now, you can get your personal loan at a higher amount up to 6 times of your monthly salary with a repayment period up to 24 months.

If you fulfill all required terms, please visit the nearest branch of CAC bank and complete the needed forms.

Service Features:

  • Access to cash loans.
  • Fixed monthly installments, known and specified to customer in advance.
  • Appropriate and discounting interests according to the balance of loan.
  • In case of early repayments, the remaining interests of the loan are canceled.

Terms and Documents required to obtain the service:

  • The applicant should have a current account with the bank.
  • Providing the original personal ID (valid electronic card or passport for foreign expatriates).
  • The existence of a banking services agreement or granting loans agreement with the employer of the applicant for the loan, and the customer has already spent at least one year at the current employer.
  • Guarantee of two colleagues from the same work place.
  • An official letter from the customer's employer confirming approval of the loan.
  • The maximum amount of a personal loan is up to 6 times of your monthly salary with a repayment period up to 24 months.
  • Filling in the application form (loan file), promissory receipt and debt bond by visiting the nearest branch or office of the bank.
  • Providing a copy of the customer's salary statement.


According to the customer's choice and his/ her needs,the maximum period is two years.


6 times of the net salary mentioned in the current account statement.

Anofficial letter from the employer of the customer and the guarantee of two colleagues from the same workplace who receive their salaries through the bank.

Yes, you can, but your loan is subjected to a lending agreement between the employer and the bank.

Yes, (with a cash guarantee) such as a deposit or a current account, so that same value of loan is hold in the account until maturity.

Yes, in case of early repayment, interestsare canceled for the remaining period of the loan.

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