When pioneering began

Our History


Cooperative & Agricultural Credit Bank (CAC Bank) was established in 1982 as a result of the merger of the Cooperative, Agricultural Credit Bank that was established in 1975 and the Bank of National Cooperation for Development that was established in 1979.

Accordingly, it bore the responsibility for financing the agriculture and fishery sector, while there were, limited investment projects by the government and citizens in this sector.

The Bank has successfully offered financial and banking services to the agriculture, fishery and livestock sector since its establishment until the end of 2003.

In 2004, the country moved to support and encourage all economic sectors in an important step to keep pace with changes in the global economy and meet the requirements of attracting

foreign investment, the most important of which is the exposure of the banking system and its development to match in its services, with the rules of the global banking business which accordingly, created opportunities for development and threats of strong competition.

According to a new vision based on such local and global trends and changes, the Bank adopted the comprehensive banking business that it added to the services of agricultural finance and lending, new modern and competing banking services that fit all economic sectors and various segments of the society.

With this advanced step, and ambitious strategy, there was an early adoption of the slogan of leadership, as a comprehensive banking institution that seeks to provide the latest banking services, with the latest technologies, and regulations, and the operations that accord with international quality standards, to serve the local economy, and fulfill the aspirations of its clients. It then moved forward from the phase of agricultural success to the phase of banking excellency. Thus, the Bank headed entirely to a society of its own, saying to every member of it: Share us the pioneering.